Assuring Safety & Quality: Product Conformity Assessments in Africa, the Middle East, and Major Global Markets

By SGS United Kingdom Ltd
schedule9th Feb 24

How product conformity assessments ensure smooth access to your target markets while upholding consumer safety and product quality.

For over a century, SGS has consistently upheld its commitment to the highest standards of integrity and compliance. Our reputation for rigorously adhering to global standards has earned us unwavering trust from customers, governmental bodies, and customs authorities alike. When SGS issues a certificate of conformity, it's a universally recognized assurance that products meet all compliance criteria, facilitating smooth customs clearance in all countries that utilize our services.

In regions like Africa, the Middle East, and other key global markets where consumers have access to a diverse product range, the imperative is clear: ensure every product's safety, quality, and compliance. Product conformity assessments stand at the forefront of this mission, acting as a safeguard against potentially subpar or hazardous goods.

What is a product conformity assessment?

A product conformity assessment is a systematic process designed to verify whether a product meets specified requirements, standards, and regulations implemented by the destination countries covered by this service. These requirements can encompass a variety of aspects, including safety, quality, environmental impact, economic impact, and performance. Conformity assessment procedures are used to assess products against established criteria, ensuring that they comply with applicable laws and regulations for the covered destination countries.

Which countries are covered by product conformity assessments?

The following countries are covered by product conformity assessments:

  • Algeria
  • Burundi
  • Cameroon
  • Central African Republic
  • Egypt
  • Ethiopia
  • Gabon
  • Gulf
  • Ivory Coast
  • Kingdom of Morocco
  • Kuwait
  • Mongolia
  • Oman
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • South Sudan
  • Tanzania
  • Uganda
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Zanzibar

Product conformity assessments from SGS

Our comprehensive approach is designed to streamline the compliance process for businesses, aligning seamlessly with the stringent requirements of standards authorities in the covered destination countries. Product conformity assessments from SGS enable you to achieve:

  • Consumer safety: by confirming that products have been tested and evaluated to cover the required parameters at the approved levels, a conformity assessment helps identify and eliminate potential hazards or risks. This helps prevent accidents, injuries, and health issues that could arise from using non-compliant or unsafe items
  • Quality assurance: a product conformity assessment ensures that products meet established quality standards, which in turn builds trust among consumers. High-quality products not only satisfy customers but also contribute to a positive brand reputation and long-term business success
  • Market access: many countries require imported goods to undergo conformity assessments to ensure they meet local safety and quality standards. Compliant products gain easier access to international markets, facilitating trade and economic growth
  • Fair competition: product conformity assessments prevent unscrupulous manufacturers from gaining a competitive advantage by producing substandard or counterfeit goods. This promotes fair competition and helps protect the interests of ethical businesses

Getting your Certificate of Conformity with SGS

  1. Application: apply for our product conformity assessment service through the SGS Exporter Portal (
  2. Evidence gathering: we collect the necessary evidence to support your declaration of conformity. This includes documents, product inspection, and, in some cases, an audit:
    • Test reports: your product will have undergone testing to set parameters by an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory
    • Certification: certification involves providing evidence that the manufacturer has met specific standards, such as ISO9001, G-Mark etc. This is a formal declaration by a third-party organization that a product meets these requirements
    • Inspection: Inspection procedures involve a visual examination and assessment of products to ensure they meet relevant criteria. This will include labeling accuracy, and overall product quality
    • Auditing: auditing involves reviewing a manufacturer's processes and documentation to ensure that they have the necessary quality control measures in place to consistently produce compliant products
  3. Comprehensive review: our specialized teams meticulously review all gathered evidence against the standards established by the relevant authority in the destination country.
  4. Certificate issuance: if the evidence demonstrates that your product meets the required standards and complies with the destination country's regulations, we are authorized to issue a Certificate of Conformity.
  5. Feedback and compliance: if the evidence is found to be insufficient, we work closely with you, providing feedback and an opportunity to present amended, updated, or additional evidence. This iterative process continues until full compliance with the standards is achieved for a period permissible by the local standards authority.

This process ensures that your product meets the necessary standards, facilitating smooth access to your target markets while upholding consumer safety and product quality.

Product conformity assessments play an indispensable role in safeguarding consumer interests, ensuring product quality, and promoting fair competition in the marketplace. Businesses that prioritize conformity assessments not only protect their consumers but also enhance their reputation and market access. Being informed about product conformity assessment empowers consumers to make safer, more informed purchasing decisions, fostering a more trustworthy global marketplace.

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