Case Study: Empowering UK Brand to Achieve Multi Country Food Label Compliance

By SGS United Kingdom Ltd
schedule12th Mar 24

UK brand aims to achieve food label compliance to expand into international markets.


Our client, a prominent UK-based brand owner, aimed to broaden their business into international markets but encountered significant obstacles in complying with food labeling standards abroad. Their primary challenges included a lack of in-house expertise in international regulations, a diverse product range, stringent deadlines, constrained resources, and an absence of translation capabilities. These factors collectively posed a daunting task for them to adeptly maneuver through the intricate landscape of global food labeling regulations. That is why they approached SGS…


To tackle these challenges, we equipped our client with an advanced Label Management System (LMS), serving as a central hub for streamlined label review and compliance across 94 global markets. 

Further enhancing our solution, we also integrated SGS Digicomply Compliance Registry and Labelwise into the system. This integration offered our client an extensive database of global regulations, keeping them informed of legislative updates and pinpointing specific labeling requirements tailored to their product range and target markets. For added efficiency, we appointed a dedicated Account Manager to serve as their sole contact point. The Account Manager handled the coordination of labels, translations, report management, expedited review processes, and centralized invoicing, greatly simplifying the client's journey towards international compliance.


Through the adoption of our tailored solution, our client was able to strategically prioritize their market expansion efforts. They effectively leveraged our fast-track service to meet stringent deadlines, ensuring their plans progressed smoothly. The dedicated Account Manager played a pivotal role, coordinating seamlessly with SGS's global label review teams to guarantee the prompt delivery of reports within the set timeframes. In instances requiring secondary reviews, the Account Manager adeptly orchestrated the process, maintaining the momentum of the market expansion strategy. This combination of cutting-edge technology and expert local guidance provided the essential support and efficiency needed, enabling our client to achieve compliance both on schedule and within budget.

Our Expertise

SGS is a trusted partner for businesses in the food industry seeking reliable testing and advisory services. We offer a range solutions tailored to meet specific company and food industry requirements. Our UK based Product Advisory team and in-house IT developers offer end-to-end food and consumer product brand and reputation protection.

We will help with:

  • Product label reviews
  • Pack copy and specification review and approval
  • Horizon scanning
  • Consultancy
  • Complaints management
  • IT development
  • Project management
  • Testing services

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Business Implementation Manager
Health & Nutrition
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