Domestic Homeware Testing at SGS in Leicester

By SGS United Kingdom Ltd
schedule13th Mar 24

Domestic homeware products are highly regulated throughout the world and safety standards are being constantly updated. To ensure your compliance, the ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory in Leicester is adding to our already impressive range of textile testing services for home furnishings, drapes, mattresses, bedding, upholstered furniture, cushions, pillows, linen and towels.

SGS’s textile testing services ensure product safety and regulatory compliance by performing physical testing, risk assessments and chemical analysis for potentially harmful substances that could be found in a large range of consumer goods placed on global markets.

Our facility in Leicester is the foremost softlines testing lab in the UK and is uniquely placed with facilities on-site to conduct testing domestically by a world-renowned team of experts.

Keeping your customers satisfied

Colors fade in light but even more so when they are wet. Fabrics shrink and proofing treatments may be reduced by repeated wetting from the rain leeching away the protective chemicals and by microbiological activity.

In order that your products do not disappoint your customers by failing prematurely, testing the relevant properties can predict effective life span, or at least provide assurance that the product will give the expected service and keep your customer happy.

Testing and inspection

We provide several tests at our laboratory in Leicester, which include:

  • Color fastness to light and weathering
  • Water penetration resistance (before and after cold water soak)
  • Dimensional stability to cold water soaking
  • Flammability (before and after cold water soak)
  • Seam strength
  • Safety labeling (tents and similar structures)
  • Safety features (tents and similar structures)

Why SGS?

When you need to be sure about your product, contact us and we can develop a test regime for your product’s legal compliance as well as your customer’s satisfaction. Our team of experts with over 130 years of experience can offer extensive technical support and help assess your products to advise on both risk and legislative requirement.

For more information on how our expansion could positively impact your business or to discuss our testing solutions with an expert, please contact:

Steve Coulson

Connectivity & Products

Business Development Manager

t: +44 (0)151 350 6666

e: [email protected]


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