Helping Businesses Through the Migration from CHIEF to CDS Export Planning

By SGS United Kingdom Ltd
schedule20th May 24

The Customs Declaration Service (CDS) represents a significant advancement in customs declaration technology, offering streamlined workflows and enhanced functionalities for exporters. CDS simplifies the export declaration process, allowing businesses to navigate customs requirements with greater ease and speed.

The transition from Customs Handling of Import & Export Freight (CHIEF) to CDS underscores the UK's commitment to facilitating seamless trade flows and supporting businesses in adapting to evolving customs requirements. CDS for imports is already in place and being used successfully by thousands of organizations.

When is the switch for exports?

There is less than a month to go before all businesses need to migrate to the new system on Tuesday June 4, 2024. After this date, you will no longer be able to submit new customs declarations through CHIEF.

SGS has already successfully migrated CHIEF import users to CDS ahead of the previous HMRC deadline. We offer various materials to guide users on transitioning their data and using their business system interfaces.

eCustoms at SGS

We are able to deliver our CDS solution via our modern eGTA customs declaration platform, which continues to transition users from the legacy HMRC CHIEF system to the new HMRC CDS service.

Our customs software can benefit your company, whether large or small.

We offer full training and support for a seamless transition to our software.

Integrated CDS tariff available within our software to aid the completion of accurate declarations (trade tariff: look up commodity codes, duty and VAT rates  GOV.UK (

For businesses who require declaration capacity or may not hold the required port badge, the SGS hybrid customs agent service can support your shipments.

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