Peru Starts ATA Carnet Operations From April 2024

By SGS United Kingdom Ltd
schedule9th May 24

Peru officially started ATA Carnet operations on April 30, 2024. This makes Peru the third country in Latin America, after Chile and Mexico, to accept the use of ATA Carnets for temporary admission of goods. The scope of acceptance includes professional equipment and goods to be displayed or used at exhibitions, fairs and similar events.

SGS eCustoms welcomes this extension to the ATA Carnet scheme, which like other countries already operating with ATA Carnets, provides an additional customs facilitation for businesses who visit overseas markets.  

Create ATA Carnet applications quickly and easily with SGS eCert

SGS eCert has been enabled for applications for ATA Carnet’s to Peru from April 30, in addition to the existing available countries. ATA Carnet applications are quickly and easily created using SGS eCert, by simply following the system guidance to complete the required information and either typing or uploading your general list of goods items.  Once submitted, the ATA Carnet is received and swiftly processed, including authorization stamps, then delivered back to the trader ready to use, in either physical or digital form.

Extending the number of territories in the scheme

In addition to Peru, major progress to advance ATA Carnets has also been made in the Philippines and Saudi Arabia. Dates to launch these services will be confirmed later this year, extending the number of territories in the scheme to 82. Additionally, Digital Carnets (eATA) are undergoing continued testing in parallel with manual Carnets, marking a significant step forward in the digitization of international trade and supply chains.

What can SGS offer exporters?

SGS Trade Facilitation Services provide a comprehensive suite of solutions to streamline customs procedures and ensure regulatory compliance. Our services include:

  • Customs brokerage: expert guidance through customs complexities
  • Customs software (eGTA): facilitates efficient customs declaration processing, allowing for real-time tracking and data reusability
  • TransitNet: simplified transit procedures for smoother supply chain operations
  • Product Conformity Assessment: the expertise you need to achieve compliance and a faster release of goods to market

SGS’s global network of experts offers valuable insights into international trade dynamics, enabling businesses to adapt to regulatory changes effectively. Our technological solutions and data analytics help optimize import processes, enhance supply chain visibility, and reduce operational costs.

Why choose SGS?

As a leader in trade facilitation, we provide:

  • Global expertise: access to a worldwide network of trade specialists
  • Innovative technology: cutting-edge solutions for customs clearance and supply chain management
  • Strategic guidance: expert advice to navigate Brexit-related changes and global trade challenges

Partner with SGS to confidently manage the complexities of new UK food import controls. Our commitment to innovation and excellence ensures that your business remains competitive and compliant in the evolving trade landscape.

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Find out more about our eCert solution: eCert - SGS e-Customs - Customs Made Simple

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