SGS Software to Play Key Role in Modernization of EMCS

By SGS United Kingdom Ltd
schedule11th Mar 24

Last year, His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs announced that, to enhance efficiency and streamline operations, it would be implementing changes to the Excise Movement Control System (EMCS) on February 13, 2024. SGS has developed software solutions aligned with these changes.

The EMCS ensures the proper tracking and reporting of the movement of excise goods within the United Kingdom, between customs excise warehouses and through international ports and airports. As part of its ongoing efforts to improve trade processes and reduce administrative burdens, HMRC is modernizing the system in order to enhance efficiency and streamline operations. SGS has developed cutting edge software solutions to facilitate business’s compliance with the new regulations.

Tailored to align with the upcoming changes, our new software provides businesses with a user friendly and efficient platform to manage their excise related activities. Designed to offer real-time visibility into the movement of excise goods, it ensures accurate and timely reporting to HMRC. It is equipped with advanced tracking features, allowing businesses to monitor their goods throughout the entire supply chain. Additionally, the software automates many of the compliance processes, reducing the risk of errors and facilitating a smoother experience.

We encourage businesses involved in the movement of excise goods to familiarize themselves with the changes to the EMCS and explore how SGS’s software can help them ensure a seamless transition. By incorporating our software into their operations, they will not only meet the new compliance requirements, but also gain a competitive edge through enhanced efficiency and accuracy.

With a global network, including customs operations across Europe and beyond, SGS is already working with hundreds of businesses within the sector. As a neutral partner, not involved in transportation directly, we focus on ensuring that goods move seamlessly through border locations.

To help ease the pressures of customs compliance, we also offer a one-stop-shop of international trade solutions, supported with in-house software that can help make your customs declarations simpler and provide visibility and control.

We provide businesses with the tools they need to thrive in an increasingly complex regulatory environment.

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