SGS Spearheads Safety: Industry-Wide Wood Flammability Testing Finds a UK Champion

By SGS United Kingdom Ltd
schedule31st Jan 24

Wood, cherished for its versatility, faces heightened scrutiny as safety concerns take center stage. Flammability testing has evolved, and industries are turning to advanced methodologies to assess ignition resistance, flame spread and smoke production. Amid this shift, SGS emerges as a vital partner, offering specialized expertise to navigate the complex landscape of wood flammability testing.

In a concerted effort to fortify fire safety standards across all industry sectors, wood and wood-based materials are undergoing comprehensive flammability testing, with SGS leading the charge. Our pivotal initiative ensures that wood products meet stringent safety criteria, fostering a safer environment across diverse industries.

Meeting standards, surpassing expectations

The construction industry, recognizing the paramount importance of fire-resistant materials, is at the forefront of this movement. SGS employs cutting-edge technologies, including cone calorimetry and thermogravimetric analysis, to conduct thorough assessments. As a result, builders and architects can confidently select wood and wood-based materials that not only meet regulatory standards but also surpass consumer expectations for safety. Other sectors including furniture, packaging and transportation have also benefited from SGS's dedicated flammability testing services.

"At SGS, we understand the critical role wood plays in various industries. Our advanced flammability testing services provide clients with the assurance that their products are not just compliant but set a new standard for safety," states Rob Hinchcliffe, UK Hardlines Manager at SGS.

Accredited fire safety testing services

Our fire safety services are accredited, enabling you to demonstrate that your products meet the requirements of organizations including, but not exclusively:

UK standards

  • BS 476 Part 4 non-combustibility
  • BS 476 Part 11 limited combustibility
  • BS 476 Part 6 fire propagation
  • BS 476 Part 7 spread of flame 

European Specification EN 13501-1: reaction to fire

  • EN ISO 1182 non-combustibility
  • EN ISO 1716 bomb calorimeter
  • EN 13823 single burning item (SBI) (Click here to see a short video on the test)
  • EN ISO 11925 ignitability
  • EN ISO 9239-1 radiant panel test for floorings (Click here to see a short video on the test)
  • EN 13820 organic content
  • EN 15725 and CEN/TS 15117: extended application of test results (EXAP)

Why choose fire and flammability testing services from SGS?

All products are tested in accordance with national and international standards, but we also have the expertise and capability to customize test methods and procedures to your product, markets and bespoke requirements.

Through our global network of experts and ISO/IEC 17025 accredited fire safety testing laboratories, our years of experience and knowledge will ensure that your materials are tested correctly and to the proper specifications every time.

For further information, or to speak to a member of the team, please contact:

Rob Hinchcliffe

UK Hardlines Manager

T: +44 (0)151 350 6666

E: [email protected] 


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